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Construction Updates

The idea of Kairos Float & Wellness Studio began in 2018; after the onset of the pandemic and recovery of the economy from that impact, we are on our way to bringing floating, inhalation salt therapy (halotherapy), infrared/RED light sauna, cold plunge, and contrast therapy to Greenville.

Check back here often to see the progress!

The Kairos Story

Get to Know Us

Don't Quit Your Daydream, that has been my motto from the beginning of this journey and continues to be my motivating theme. When I decided to make the move from academics (science professor) to entrepreneur it was the most exciting and terrifying trust-fall I have ever taken.  My passion for science runs deep and I loved sharing my enthusiam with students. I knew I wanted to be able to share more of my passion with the community. My first float in June 2018 set me on my new path and I want everyone to experience the joys of finding a life balance through wellness (and, of course, science).

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