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More Float Information

Purified Water Every Float

Our tanks have a multi-stage filter that sanitizes the mineral salt solution between sessions. The full volume of the water is turned over at least three times, passes through a1-micron filter (the openings are 50-times smaller than a human hair), treated with UV and ozone to sanitize, and chlorine in the water provides sustained sanitation.  Each soundproof floatation tank is thoroughly cleaned prior to every use and our staff ensures the solution in each pod is maintained at optimum temperature, pH, and salt concentration. You will have crystal clear water that is sanitized more rigorously than the water you drink. 

First Time Floats or Seasoned Reminders

To make your first float even better we have the following suggestions & requirements*:

  • Shaving or waxing should not be done at least 24 hours before you float.

  • Don't drink caffeine at least 6 hours before you float, this stimulant and might keep you from relaxing.

  • Do eat a light meal a couple of hours before so you don't hear your digestive system working.

  • Glasses better than contacts. Take out your contacts during your float session.

  • Wait 72 hours to float after using spray or cream tans.*

  • Wait 2-4 weeks to float after using temporary or permanent hair color.* 

  • Wait 4-6 weeks to float after adding a tattoo. It should be completely healed.*

  • Wait until abrasions or open wounds are fully healed. Petroleum Jelly is provided for any little cuts or scrapes you forgot about.

  • Take a shower at Kairos before floating to wash off oils, makeup or other earthy skin stuff. Just use the shampoo* on your hair, the conditioner will contaminate the float tank water.

  • You WILL float - your ears will be underwater - wear the earplugs we give you.*  

  • You won't flip over on your face if you fall asleep.

  • You can float with the lid open if you are anxious in an enclosed space.

  • Try putting your hands behind your head to feel more stabilized if you are worried. You can also use the Floatease halo or ask for a pool noodle.

  • Take a shower after floating to wash off the salt- your skin will feel so soft. Use can use both shampoo and conditioner now.

  • Get dressed before coming out of your float room or if you have additional services feel free to use the cozy robe.

  • We have a hair/makeup refresh area for you to pamper yourself.

  • HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!  Pamper yourself with a bottle of water, tea, or juice from our drink bar.                

  •  Let us know everything about your experience.  We love all your suggestions!  You can even write about your experience in our float journal.

  • BOOK your next float and check out OTHER SERVICES to add more relaxing services.

  • Stay CALM and refuse to be pulled into other people's drama.  MAKE THIS MOMENT LAST.

  • Prepare to have an amazing night's sleep.  

Floating Athletes

The "competitive edge" keeps both amateur and professional athletes alike looking for better vitamin, mineral, machine, exerciser, healer or relaxer to meticulously nurture their mind and body in order to realize peak performance. Preparation and recovery are key to success for an elite level athlete and floating offers benefits pre- and post-performance. Floating provides:

  • Improved visualization, concentration, and focus

  • Reduced aches, pains, and lactic acid build-up

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Reduced the pressure on joints and muscles

  • Reduced stress hormones and lowers blood pressure

  • Better sleep patterns thereby increasing healing rates

  • A moment in time where the athlete can stop thinking, planning and stressing out

A Vacation From Pain

People in pain, particularly chronic pain, can experience both immediate and long-term relief from floating. For a veteran often dealing with constant chronic pain - both physical and emotional - the effortless floating experience to eliminate gravitational pull and dispersing body weight can be a relief from the signature illnesses of veterans and first responders alike. Also for an arthritis sufferer, a pregnant woman or anyone else dealing with sore muscles and joints, a float session can be a 60- to 90-minute vacation from pain.  

Floating Our Warriors & PTSD 

War is always tough on our men and women in uniform as well as their families and friends.  It creates lasting psychological effects of traumatic experiences in combat zones and when they return home, what used to be normal daily life is now a painful daily struggle. Especially with 20 to 40 daily suicides plaguing our nation's families and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) placing Americans in pain.  PTSD is a life-altering mental condition triggered by a traumatic event or series of traumatic events in someone’s life.  Regular floatation therapy has been proven to reduce symptoms and result in the following:

  • Increased sense of well being, calm, focus, energy, and optimism

  • Mental clarity and improved visualization

  • Significant reduction in stress and anxiety

  • A decrease in heart rate and blood pressure

  • A decrease in cortisol and other stress hormones

  • Improved sleep quality (my personal favorite)


Anyone struggling with these symptoms is strongly encouraged to embrace floating as a non-medicated supplement to current therapies. All lives are important and you deserve to heal.  We are very aware of the following symptoms listed by the Mayo Clinic as common symptoms of PTSD that may include:

  • Negative feelings about yourself or other people

  • Inability to experience positive emotions

  • Feeling emotionally numb

  • Lack of interest in activities you once enjoyed

  • Hopelessness about the future

  • Memory problems, including not remembering important aspects of the traumatic event

  • Difficulty maintaining close relationships

  • Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behavior

  • Always being on guard for danger

  • Overwhelming guilt or shame

  • Self-destructive behavior, such as drinking too much or driving too fast

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Being easily startled or frightened

Floating is cumulative ~ Start your pain relief now!

Executives Floating 


Busy schedules, stress, physical activity, and overwhelming external stimulation propagated by technology and media take a toll on the mental, physical, spiritual, and social/emotional levels of a human, being.  Business people are always looking ahead, towards the next meeting, the next goal, or the next best invention. As a result, the mind never gets a break, sleep is interrupted or put off, while productivity and creativity begin to stall.  Floating for these overworked and stressed out individuals is a must and can accomplish the following:

  • Sense of well being and confidence booster

  • Creativity and problem solving may be enhanced

  • Clarity of mind and sharpened visualization

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep quality along with the ability to sleep

  • Reduction of cortisol and other stress-related hormones

Pregnancy - Float Often


There are numerous benefits to floating while pregnant. 

  • For 60 to 90 minutes, you won't be fighting gravity — The Epsom salt in the water makes you feel totally weightless. 

  • For Stress Relief — Growing a human is hard work. It’s exhausting, stressful, and mentally strenuous. Floating gives the mom the opportunity to unplug and destress thanks to the lack of distraction. How nice to NOT be distracted for a time.

  • Floating naturally increases dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting mood levels and leaving Mom with a pleasant “afterglow” feeling and look that lasts for days.

  • Rest for Body and Baby — In addition to the mental benefits, floating can help reduce swelling, ease aches and pains, and bring a state of relaxation for Mom that creates an ultra-soothing atmosphere for Baby or Babies at the same time. This is especially appealing to women who prefer to avoid taking pain medication for muscle aches, back pain.   

Everyone Should Float

Floating benefits everyone with unique health problems, or without.  Most people who float experience a general sense of well being,  clarity of mind, calmness, more energy, and optimism, while feeling more positive and happy.  There can be a decrease in cortisol and other stress hormones and of course, better, deeper sleep.  

Some people come to float in order to be more creative and think more clearly, or eliminate or reduce pain and heal their brain.  Some just want to unplug for a short period of time and relax.  Whatever your reasons, try floating.  Just pamper yourself.  You deserve it.  

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