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About the Owner

Welcome to Kairos Float & Wellness Studio! Let me give you a short autobiography; I have a Ph.D. in Physiology from East Carolina University and completed my post-doctoral training at Duke University in Molecular & Cellular Physiology in the Department of Dermatology. After graduate school, I taught Anatomy & Physiology for 10 years at both the undergraduate & graduate levels. I have a true passion for science and a desire to share the research-supported benefits of alternative health modalities with Greenville and the surrounding communities.

In September 2018 I began my new career as a scientist turned entrepreneur. I spent time reading medical research to learn more about the best alternative health & holistic therapies so I could provide the highest quality services at our studio.  I also starting making a focused effort on my own health and self-care.


The first major adventure in my journey to improving my self-care was a trip was to the Superstition Mountains in Arizona for a 3-day thru-hike backpacking trip with my best friend (to celebrate a major birthday milestone). It was during this trip that I felt a real connection with the energy of the earth and how we, as humans, are connected as well. This inspired me to learn more about human biofields and become a Reiki I/II Practitioner. The pandemic led to major set-backs and a personal injury led to redefining my goals. 


A little more about me,  I love to paint; I am obsessed with dogs; I love anything and everything about science.  I practice mindfullness and loving kindness. I enjoy yoga & meditation, and I am thrilled to share my passion with you!

Another fun fact, my girls and I started Greenville NC ROCKS in June 2017, it is part of the Kindness Rock Project.  You can search for rocks around town and/or paint your own.  Once you do, post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@GreenvilleNCROCKS).


Lastly, our family and business are strong supporters of the US military, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and teachers. I am a promoter of justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion. 


We believe the best thing you can be in life is KIND. 

Have an amazing day with Restful Intentions!



Rebecca Harris​

B.S. Biology, Messiah College

Ph.D. Physiology, East Carolina University

Post-Doc, Molecular & Cellular Physiology/Dermatology, Duke University

Restful Intentions

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