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Float Therapy

Effortless relaxation and disconnection from daily life.

Restful Intentions

What is floating?

Float Therapy (a.k.a. Floatation Tank, Float Room/Pod/Spa/Chamber, Isolation Tank, Sensory Deprivation Tank, Floatation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), Flotation Therapy)










A large pool or room that contains a saturated solution of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), provides a light and sound reduced environment and is kept at skin temperature. This environment allows a person to float effortlessly without external stimuli for many purposes, including meditation, exploration, relaxation, and physical therapy.


A float tank is essentially the perfect over-sized bathtub. The tanks vary in size, but the typical tank is 8′ long and 4.5′ wide, larger tanks can be 8'x8'. Air is allowed to freely flow in and out, and the door never locks or latches. There are even open float pools with no covers or doors to enclose, just your own private pool.


Float tanks typically hold about 10″ of water, which is saturated with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt. This creates a 20-30% salt solution more dense than the Dead Sea. This means you float more easily.  The high body buoyancy allows you to float on your back about half in and half out of the water. The water itself is kept at the average skin temperature (93.5° F), which allows you to lose track of your body. The tank is soundproof and, when you turn off the light, completely dark. No sensation of gravity, no touch, no sight, and no sound. Just pure nothing.


Without the constant pressure of analyzing the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol, the main chemical component of stress. Not having to fight gravity lets your muscles, joints, and bones take a well-deserved break. Your body suddenly has loads of extra resources (usually spent supporting your weight, regulating temperature, and trying not to get speeding tickets), which it gets to focus on things like healing and resting.

Unlike lying on a mattress, lying in water allows blood to flow freely all throughout your body. There’s no need to readjust your position to get comfortable. Research shows that about 40 minutes into your float your brain stops producing its normal Alpha and Beta waves and starts going deeper into a Theta and even Delta state. The magnesium-based Epsom salts we use also feel wonderful on your skin.

Standard Float Suite.jpeg

Revolution Orb by Superior Float Tanks has a twilight clamshell top that can be left open or closed during your float session.

What to Expect

Float sessions are booked for actual float times, either 60- or 90-minutes in length.  However, expect to be at the studio for approximately 30-minutes longer than your scheduled time.  This allows for the time needed to shower before and after your float session.


Please arrive at least 15-minutes early for paperwork and pre-float information. Once you enter your float room you will shower and then begin your float session. You will be alerted to the end of your session, exit the float pool or tank, shower again to remove excess salt, dress and leave the float room.  There is a hair & make-up room to complete your post-float prepping. 

During your float session, you will naturally begin to relax as the magnesium sulfate penetrates the skin. You can feel free to remain motionless, go to sleep, or slowly & gently move in the water.  Do whatever makes you comfortable.  We have (and highly recommend using) earplugs to prevent getting water in your ears. Foam halo rings can be used to support your head if that makes you more comfortable.  We even have pool noodles for additional support and comfort until you become familiar with floating, just let us know what you would like before your float session.  If during your session you feel uncomfortable or want to talk to our float experts just use the in-tank speaker to directly connect and get what you need. There are options for lights, sounds, and minor temperature changes at your request.

Floating Advice

To make your first float even better we have the following suggestions & requirements*:

  • Shaving or waxing should not be done at least 24 hours before you float.

  • Don't drink caffeine at least 6 hours before you float, this stimulant and might keep you from relaxing.

  • Do eat a light meal a couple of hours before so you don't hear your digestive system working.

  • Glasses better than contacts. Take out your contacts during your float session.

  • Wait 72 hours to float after using spray or cream tans.*

  • Wait 2-4 weeks to float after using temporary or permanent hair color.* 

  • Wait 4-6 weeks to float after adding a tattoo. It should be completely healed.*

  • Wait until abrasions or open wounds are fully healed. Petroleum Jelly is provided for any little cuts or scrapes you forgot about.

  • Take a shower at Kairos before floating to wash off oils, makeup or other earthy skin stuff. Just use the shampoo* on your hair, the conditioner will contaminate the float tank water.

  • You WILL float - your ears will be underwater - wear the earplugs we give you.*  

  • You won't flip over on your face if you fall asleep.

  • You can float with the lid open if you are anxious in an enclosed space.

  • Try putting your hands behind your head to feel more stabilized if you are worried. You can also use the Floatease halo or ask for a pool noodle.

  • Take a shower after floating to wash off the salt- your skin will feel so soft. Use can use both shampoo and conditioner now.

  • Get dressed before coming out of your float room or if you have additional services feel free to use the cozy robe.

  • We have a hair/makeup refresh area for you to pamper yourself.

  • HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!  HYDRATE!  Pamper yourself with a bottle of water, tea, or juice from our drink bar.                

  •  Let us know everything about your experience.  We love all your suggestions!  You can even write about your experience in our float journal.

  • BOOK your next float and check out OTHER SERVICES to add more relaxing services.

  • Stay CALM and refuse to be pulled into other people's drama.  MAKE THIS MOMENT LAST.

  • Prepare to have an amazing night's sleep.  

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Restful Intentions

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