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Cold Plunge &
Contrast Therapy

Scientific Research

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Restful Intentions

Cold Plunge Therapy

You may have heard of people jumping in freezing bodies of water or have seen athletes dipping into tubs filled with ice and water - ever wonder why they do this? These are examples of cold therapy, a quick therapeutic experience to enhance healing. 

Reasons to Cold Plunge

  1. Reduce muscle soreness

  2. Reduce your core body temperature

  3. Increase mental clarity and focus

  4. Improve sleep quality

  5. Decrease inflammation

Cold Plunge Therapy isn't safe for everyone, you should be in good health and not have underlying medical conditions (a few are listed below). Check with your healthcare provider to assess whether you are dealing with a condition that could have negative or potentially dangerous effects on your body.

  • Heart Disease

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Peripheral neuropathy

  • Poor circulation

  • Venous stasis

  • Cold agglutinin disease



Contrast Therapy

As the name implies, Contrast Therapy allows the user to alternate between extremes. At Kairos we have designed protocols for Contrast Therapy using our IR/RED sauna and our Cold Plunge tank.  Contrast therapy provides rapid changes to blood flow in the body as you alternate between warm/hot to cold temperatures. In warm/hot temperatures your blood vessels open up through a process called vasodilation.  When you are in cold temperatures your blood vessels get smaller (vasoconstriction).  The alternation between the temperature changes how and where blood flows in the body, you will notice changes in your breathing and heart rate.

Sauna and Cold Plunge.jpg

What to Expect

Our sauna/cold plunge room is private so feel free to undress to your comfort level (we do suggest in the buff, just take a towel in with you). Infrared energy easily penetrates bare skin and our customizable sauna includes Red light, near-, mid-, and far-infrared wavelengths.  Our large sauna can be booked for yourself or with a friend, the choice is yours. If you have booked with a friend, you can wear a bathing suit if you are more comfortable.

The Cold Plunge tank can be cooled down to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend starting with a 50-degree Fahrenheit plunge if you are new to cold plunge and/or contrast therapy.

In the IR/RED sauna (warm/hot temperatures) your blood vessels open up through a process called vasodilation.  When you are in the cold plunge tank (cold temperatures) your blood vessels get smaller (vasoconstriction).  The alternation between the temperature changes how and where blood flows in the body, you will notice changes in your breathing and heart rate. Learn more about cold therapy from Dr. Andrew Huberman with Neural Network.

If you would like to complete other therapy sessions during your visit we recommend the following order:  Halotherapy, Floatation, IR Sauna (or Contrast Therapy)

Scientific Research (Looking for more scientific evidence? Search on PubMed)

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Restful Intentions

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